This article is the first one of a serie of articles explaining my experience as Agile Coach.

As an introduction, in this article I would like to explain why I decided to join Typeform as Scrum Master and why one year and a half after I decided to go back to development.

One year and a half before I was working as a developer in a small start-up, not very successful .. but this is a different story …

… in the last years I was learning agile methodologies and using it in the teams I was working with, but I never had the chance to focus on it, which meant for me the next step.

Typeform gave me the opportunity to join the company as Scrum Master, what I’m very grateful for.

Why I decided to join Typeform

Moving from a Developer position to a Scrum Master was a huge challenge, not only for the change itself, but also for the fact of being focused on the process and leaving the technical part.

Even so I decided to join Typeform because it was an experience to try, and at the same time the company, the culture and the environment was the best one to try an adventure like this.

At that moment I considered it as a new experience that will allow me to keep learning about agile and develop soft-skills.

Why I decided to leave Typeform

The last year was very exciting and I had the oportunity to learn a lot of new things a lot about agile but a lot more about how to help people and teams, grow a company, run a product and especially about myself.

Even though I was enjoying what I was doing, sadly I was not fully satisfied, and that made me discover some things about me. That wouldn’t be possible to discover without spending this period being an Agile Coach.

This are my learnings from this period:

  1. I really love coaching people and teams
  2. I really love the technical part, without it, what I do doesn’t make sense for me
  3. I need to grow in order to be more impervious to frustration. It was very energy consuming to deal with it

It was very hard for me to learn all this, especially playing this role in a company growing very fast, changing and trying to become a mature company.

At the same time when I joined Typeform I was lying to myself, telling me that I would have the possibility to work close to the developers, and to have some influence in technical matters.

The reality was different, as it happens in most of the companies the Scrum Master is focused on the process and is few involved in the technical part, what was punishment for my motivation.

Tell me more about the experience

If I would be asked again to join Typeform as an Agile Coach the answer would be the same, yes. As I told you before I leaved Typeform with a lot of very valuable learnings that help me to be a better developer.

I can’t lie to you, the experience was very challenging and also with some pain included but I have to say thank you, to everybody at Typeform. Experiencing the culture and working at Typeform was awesome, that’s the only word to describe it.

Which are my next steps?

I keep believing Agile is the best way to develop software, and I also keep thinking, now even more, how important the technical part of it is. Without good technical practices most of the agile methodologies don’t hold.

Because the technical part makes me happy, I went back to a Developer position. Having all my new learning I can help better the teams I’m part of, and also continue helping other individuals to grow, but this time from a technical point of view.

What I realized during the last weeks working again as a developer is how valuable my experience at Typeform was for me. My soft-skills grew a lot and I feel I have much more experience to help teams improve.

Closing … stay tuned …

I don’t want to close this article without saying thank you to some special people that helped me a lot during this period: Dandel and Dino

This is my first article in english what it means could be really bad, I keep improving my english, please be benevolent and accept my apologies for my english.

And the next article of this serie will be: [When I was Agile Coach II] Becoming a non developer

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