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Oriol del Barrio - lordudun - Barcelona, Catalunya, Spain

I have a degree in Software Engineering for FIB (Facultad de Informatica de Barcelona) and a post graduate in Agile Methods for the development of products (PMA) from BES La Salle (Business Engineering School - Barcelona).

Currently I work at AutomaticTV a Mediapro Company as Product Owner and because our team is small and dynamic I also act as Team/Agile Coach.

In the last years I worked in IT Consultant companies and startups, in 2016/2017 I worked at Typeform as Agile Coach/Scrum Master. Before I worked as Senior Software Egineer/Developer at biid (Your MobileID) and Netcentric.

I worked in several projects for Automotive, Banking, Public Authorities and also for events like MWC.



I did human towers, a Catalan traition, for 10 years in the Castellers de Sants group also knwon as Borinots. I am no longer actively involved, but I still have my hair on my toes when I hear the 'gralles' (traditional musical instrument).

I was part of the Fiberparty organization, the Barcelona lanparty managed by the university students.

I participate actively in the Agile Spain, Agile Barcelona and Software Craftmanship Barcelona communities. I was also part of the CAS 2014 (Conference Agile Spain) organization.

I'm a contributor to the Territorimac radio show about the Apple and Mac world.

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